Lespedeza honey 50ml


This rare honey is distinguished by its delicate aroma with subtle notes of herbs and a delicate taste. In taste it resembles linden honey, but with a more tart tint.

Honey features

Fresh honey is light yellow, during crystallization it whitens and acquires a fine-grained delicate texture, sometimes creamy. Pleasant taste in this honey is combined with useful properties, both nutritious and healing. This honey is rich in trace elements, vitamins and other substances necessary for the body. Among the long list of macronutrients, potassium is needed to maintain cardiac activity. Of the trace elements for our body, zinc, selenium, manganese are important. 

The constant intake of honey from lespedeza in small quantities increases immunity. Vitamins are also present in honey; it is “delegated” by the forest man, an herbaceous plant from the legume family. The fresh product is rich in vitamin C, which is necessary to strengthen the vascular walls and many metabolic processes. Over time, the amount of ascorbic acid decreases significantly. But B vitamins and carotenes do not lose their properties for a long time. Mono- and oligosaccharides of the product serve as an excellent preservative.

Healing properties

The healing properties of honey are used both for external and internal use. In the digestive tract, it supports the vital activity of beneficial microflora, promotes the breakdown and assimilation of food products. Bacteriostatic qualities of honey are used for gastritis, enteritis and colitis. Lespedeza honey helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers, stimulates bowel movements, successfully copes with constipation, flatulence and other digestive problems. This honey is useful for people suffering from chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys and biliary tract. It will also be useful to people with reduced body weight, as a means of restoring appetite and immunity. Like other varieties of the product, it is used as an antipyretic, antiseptic and diaphoretic for colds, microbial and viral infections. 

Honey with warm milk is given to restless children at night, as a soft and safe sleeping pill. Diluted in water, used to rinse the mouth, and with angina – throat, with stomatitis, periodontitis and gingivitis. 

As a preservative and antiseptic, it is used as part of external agents in the treatment of wounds. Lespedetsa honey successfully fights other skin and subcutaneous tissue problems, including cellulite. 


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